Einstein’s Customer Quotables

August 19, 2016


 "I hate, hate, hate getting my oil changed.  It's so tedious. I always feel bombarded with questions and upselling.    But, WOW! WOW! WOW!  I ran through Einstein's today.  I've never used them before and what a great experience.  First of all, as I pulled in I had an employee running toward my car with a newspaper.  I was given a pricing list up front.   I was offered a cold soda or other drink, and I was even offered a kindle to read while I waited.

 John helped me.  He went through the enhanced service options with me and never made me feel uncomfortable if I said no.  He was smiling, helpful, and quick.  I can tell you the upselling was pretty painless and not pushy like I have experienced at other oil change businesses.  

 I was able to watch an Olympic soccer match from the front seat of my car while I waited.  John showed me a card that had all of my fluids on it and said he thought they were adequate for my car.  He explained my charges and gave me estimates on what services he thought I might need in the future.  Very helpful.

 The whole staff was communicating with one another, they were entertaining they were great.  I hope their boss appreciates the great job they do ;)  Thank you."

-Dena R. via Yelp