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Einstein’s Customer Quotables

July 25, 2012
 "My name is Liza and I have been to your establishment on Overland Road, Boise, Idaho.  I loved my experience and was very impressed by the customer service, politeness and professionalism your employees gave to me and my vehicle.  I have been letting my friends know about Einstein’s and my experience first hand. 
If I may suggest, a lot of people I have spoken with do not know about all the extras Einstein’s offers.  For instance, staying in your vehicle, how awesome.  I had my paper ready and was ready to sit in a small room with a television that hardly works and the smell......I was so pleasantly surprised.  I applaude you and your business entity for this unique and very pleasant business experience.
Thank you, again, for Einstein’s awesome service.  You’ll be seeing me and my vehicles again!"