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Einstein’s Customer Quotables

 “You can tell the guys here are working hard to go above and beyond the normal oil change experience. I pulled up to wait in line and a guy ran out to my car to hand me a newspaper and ask me what kind of drink I wanted (coke products, coffee, water). The whole time I was in line I saw all the different employees exhibiting energy and cheerfulness as they worked, making even something as prosaic as an oil change feel more fun. (It’s amazing how a good attitude is contagious!) Someone washed my windshield while I was waiting, too, which hasn’t happened to me before at other places. My oil change was fast and they also checked my fluids and the air in my tires. I also appreciated the fact that the oil nozzles were clearly labeled and in plain sight so that there wasn’t any doubt that when I asked for high mileage oil, I was actually getting it. Thanks, Tony, Joseph, and all others for a pleasurable experience today.”

-Rebekah S. via Google reviews

Einstein’s-Caldwell Is Opening In May!



 Now that the weather has finally cleared, construction on the new Caldwell Einstein’s location (across from Walmart) has resumed in earnest. The grand opening is currently scheduled for early May.  We look forward to serving the Caldwell community soon! 

Einstein’s Is Now Open Till 7pm Mon-Sat!

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 Extended hours are back! Einstein’s is now open Monday-Saturday from 8am-7pm and Sunday from 10am-5pm. No appointments are ever needed for service! 

Keep Your Car Breathing Well: Change the Air Filters



 You need clean air to breathe and so does your car, and a vehicle’s air filters make that possible. 

 “Air filters are your vehicle’s first line of defense against contaminants that reduce cabin air quality and negatively impact engine performance,” said Rich White, executive director of the non-profit Car Care Council. “Community car care events held throughout the country reveal that nearly one out of five vehicles is in need of air filter replacement, so it’s evident that motorists often overlook this simple, yet important service.”

 The vehicle’s engine air filter traps dirt particles that can cause damage to engine cylinders, cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings and bearings, leading to the engine losing power. The air filter also plays a critical role in keeping pollutants from contaminating the airflow sensor on fuel-injected cars. A normal wear item that requires regular checks and replacement, air filters should be inspected at each oil change and replaced annually or when showing other signs of contamination.

 The cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the air entering the passenger compartment. Under normal circumstances, it helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, compromising interior air quality and damaging the system. Most cabin air filters are accessed through the panel in the HVAC housing, which may be under the hood or placed within the interior of the vehicle. A cabin air filter should not be cleaned and reinstalled. Instead, it should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or per the owner’s manual.

 Einstein’s will gladly inspect your engine and cabin air filters FREE of charge anytime. We also offer replacements when needed.

The above article was published by the Car Care Council 10/21/16