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Independence Day Weekend Oil Change Coupon!


  Get your vehicle ready for holiday road trips this weekend with a ‘Nobel’ Full Service Oil Change and save $10 with our online coupon! Get your printable coupon here: OIL CHANGE COUPON  or simply present the coupon above on your mobile device at the time of service. Happy Independence Day Treasure Valley! 

Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“These guys don’t skip a beat!! Prompt service with a smile for sure. It is nice going to a place where I can just sit back, relax, while life still moves forward, and my so called errand is getting done. James was very polite, professional and overall very informative on what I can do to keep my vehicle running for a good long while. Thank you again you guys!! See ya’ll next time around.”

-Nikki S. via Yelp

Wait For The Correct Weight of Oil

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 Most vehicle owners know it is important to regularly have their motor oil changed. Many owners may not know that choosing any oil weight other than the one specified in their owner’s manual could damage their engine.

“My dad taught me to switch oil weight depending on the season and the driving conditions. I used 10W-40 or straight 30 weight oil in the summer and switched to 10W-30 in the winter,” says RockAuto.com Vice President, Tom Taylor. Conventional wisdom for old cars said oils with higher weight numbers had a thicker viscosity that would make them better for hot weather and hard driving while lighter weight oils were better for cold weather.

The newest engines are often designed to use only one specific oil with a weight number that may be unfamiliar, such as 0W-20 or 0W-40. Doing something like substituting “heavy duty” 20W-50 for 0W-20 in the summer could quickly result in big repair bills.

Oil does much more these days than simply lubricate and cool the engine. Engine oil may act like a hydraulic fluid in engines with variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation or other new systems that are pressure sensitive and route oil through tiny orifices. “We see variable valve timing solenoids that are clogged by dirty oil, but they also get clogged by clean oil that is just the wrong viscosity,” says Taylor.

Using the right weight of oil is made more difficult by all the gas stations and convenience stores that still sell 10W-30 for old cars but do not have the shelf space to stock the many different oil types for newer cars. Do not top off your engine with the incorrect oil because that is all a store carries.

Also, do not choose 10W-30 simply because it is less expensive. It can be tempting to buy a cheaper weight, but putting the wrong oil in your engine could cost you much more money down the road. “Imagine an engine oil pump designed to circulate seven quarts of low viscosity 0W-20 oil rapidly around a motor now struggling to move some witch’s brew of various weights,” says Taylor.

 Einstein’s Oilery always installs your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended grade and weight of oil so you can be confident your car is getting exactly what it needs to maintain your warranty, fuel economy, and engine performance.  For your convenience Einstein’s also offers our extended courtesy which allows you to have your oil or other fluids (or tire pressure) checked and filled FREE of charge between oil changes (within 3 months or 3,000 miles of your last Einstein’s service)! Simply pull up to the front of any Einstein’s location and we’ll do the rest! 


FREE Movie Nights In Meridian Are Underway!

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 Grab your family, friends, and neighbors this summer and join Meridian Parks and Recreation for Movie Night in Meridian! Every Friday evening in June, July, and August, a huge inflatable screen will be set up for a FREE family-friendly movie in Settlers Park (Meridian Rd. & Ustick).  So bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and favorite movie pals and enjoy a summer of fun with Meridian Parks and Recreation! Bring your own snacks or buy them from the concession vendors. All movies start at dusk. Up-to-date information and movie titles can be found online at: www.meridiancity.org/movienight

Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“These guys are awesome! I was so impressed with the service I received. Tony was exceptional and took the extra time to explain a lot of things to me. His “car side manner” was phenomenal and I will definitely be coming back! Thank you!!”

-Jenna S. via Yelp

Gas Station Myths Exposed: What You Need To Know When You Refuel

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 On any given day, some 40 million Americans stop at gas stations to fill their tanks. For many, it’s a weekly routine, one they don’t spend much time analyzing, but are there things you think you know about your fill-up that just aren’t true?

Let’s set the record straight as energy experts dispel three common gas station myths.

Myth #1: It’s best to buy gas early in the day.

The theory is that gasoline is denser at cooler temperatures, so you’ll get more fuel per gallon early in the morning. While the basic science is correct, the experts at Consumer Reports point out two practical reasons why this is a myth.

First, most gas stations store fuel in double-walled underground tanks that keep gas at steady temperatures. Second, even if there were variations, the volume difference between gasoline at 75 versus 60 degrees Fahrenheit is just 1 percent – not enough to be noticeable at the pump.

Myth #2: It’s dangerous to use a cell phone near gas pumps.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, there is no documented incident of a wireless phone causing a gas station fire or explosion.

It’s true that many fuel companies post stickers on pumps warning motorists to turn off phones while refueling as cell phones could be a distraction. But the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) reports the most likely cause of fire at the pumps is static electricity created by drivers sliding in and out of vehicles. For safe refueling, PEI recommends you turn off the car engine, refrain from smoking and stay outside the vehicle.

Myth #3: All brands of gas are the same.

More than two-thirds of Americans buys gas primarily based on price and convenience. While all gasoline sold in the U.S. must meet federal requirements for performance, not all gas is the same.

The auto industry has a certification system for fuel.  Top Tier certified gasoline includes additional detergents and fuel additives that remove engine deposits that can hurt fuel economy, making it superior to non Top Tier fuel. To find a complete list of retailers that feature Top Tier fuel visit: http://www.toptiergas.com/retailers/

So much for those tank-filling myths. Now it’s time to fuel up and enjoy the drive.