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The Risks of Running On Empty

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It’s no secret that an automobile can continue to run after the fuel light comes on, but should drivers rely on the extra mileage it allows?

It’s likely most drivers would agree that the fuel light often comes on at inopportune times. Stuck in traffic on a freeway; running late for an important appointment; or driving on a country road with no towns or gas stations in sight, is when drivers decide to push the fuel gauge past the ‘E’ signal.

Some popular car models can make it between 30 and 50 miles after the fuel light goes on, according to a study by Pick Analysis. The average Chevrolet Silverado will continue for about 33 miles beyond empty. Smaller cars like the Volkswagen Jetta average about 43 miles and the Toyota Corolla tops the list at 47 miles.

Knowing how far a vehicle can drive with low fuel may be reassuring, but the effects of low-fuel driving can be damaging to the car.

“When you’re running low on gas, it’s best not to push your luck,” says Neil Hoff, a refined fuels specialist with CHS. “Stopping to fill up before your gas gauge hits ‘E’ could save you stress, damage to your car and time spent on the side of the road.”

Hoff explains that by allowing a car to run on empty, dirt and contaminants are more likely to become suspended in the fuel and block the fuel filter. When fuel is extremely low, the fuel pump is no longer suspended in fuel and can overheat. In some cases, low fuel can even affect power steering and brakes.

To avoid an expensive trip to a mechanic, Hoff advises taking a proactive approach to fueling, advising drivers to always keep at least a quarter tank of gas in the tank at all times. Running out of gas in heavy traffic is not only inconvenient but also dangerous, so Hoff recommends fueling up before getting on highways or major roads. Also, becoming familiar with where gas stations are along a driving route will also help prevent running out of gas on long trips. Always keep a gas can in the trunk in case of emergencies.

“Keeping your car fueled is cheaper and safer, in the long run, than driving on empty,” Hoff says. 


5 Quick Ways to Stretch Your Fuel Budget.

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1. Check Your Tire Pressure — Tires without enough air in them are harder to roll, meaning your engine has to work harder to push your car down the road. Keep your tires aired up and it will make a significant difference with your fuel mileage.

2. Slow Down — Fuel economy decreases exponentially as speed increases. That’s why driving at a speed of, say, 62 miles per hour will reduce fuel consumption by about 15 percent versus driving 75.

3. Tidy Up — Every extra pound your vehicle has to carry costs you at the pump. Check your trunk and back seat, and empty out anything you don’t absolutely need.

4. Shut Down — When your car is idling, you’re essentially getting zero miles per gallon. If you anticipate being stopped for more than a minute or so, it’s more economical to turn the engine off rather than allowing the car to idle.

5. Use the Cruise — As awesome and steady as your right foot is, it’s no match for your car’s onboard computer. Using your car’s cruise control allows you to maintain a steady, consistent speed that maximizes fuel economy.

The above was published February 1,2012 in Go Drive Magazine

Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“I just came back from getting my oil changed at your Meridian store. I have been going there to get my oil changed since I moved to Idaho a few years ago. The person who helped me and my wife this time was John. I could not have asked for a more professional service attendant, which is why I continue to go back to Einstein’s Oilery.  I wish all customer service everywhere, was at the same level that you provide at your stores.  I will definitely continue to get my oil changed for my three cars/trucks at your stores.”

Thank you again
John Mayton

(via e-mail)

Einstein’s In The News

The upcoming launch of our two Nampa locations made the front page of the Idaho Press Tribune!  Check out the story here:  http://www.idahopress.com/members/einstein-s-oilery-coming-to-nampa/article_294f4924-d7fd-11e3-b8f9-0019bb2963f4.html

Einstein’s Oilery Is Coming To Nampa!


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 We are thrilled to announce Einstein’s long awaited debut in Canyon County!   Nearly seven years after launching the very first Einstein’s Oilery location in Meridian, Idaho, we will be opening the inaugural Nampa store in late August or September.  We will be conveniently located in front of the Nampa Costco on Midland Blvd. And that’s not all! This winter, we will be opening a second Nampa location on 12th Avenue, across from Nampa High School.  We look forward to bringing extraordinary service to our friends in the Nampa area! 

Treasure Valley Business Spotlight: HUB-Boise Office

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 The friendly agents at the Boise office of HUB International Insurance Services are so remarkable that they necessitate recognition in our business spotlight for May. HUB’s competent staff handles both business and personal insurance; everything from home and auto policies to health and identity theft protection. HUB agents JJ and Nate manage all our business insurance as well as our company medical and dental plans. They are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and courteous and consistently go above and beyond our expectations to serve in any way they can. They are truly a joy to work with!  They empower their clients with the knowledge and options to make the best possible choices for their insurance needs. Since they are brokers they are not tied to any one insurer. Rather they work with many different insurance companies so you can be confident you’re getting the most cost effective options with the most comprehensive coverage. This is an extraordinary organization and one we are confident recommending for all your insurance needs!

HUB Boise office (208) 433-1000

2600 Rose Hill, Suite 101

Boise, ID 83705