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Prepare For Holiday Travels, Save $12, and Help Idaho’s Hungry At The Same Time!

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 Help ensure your vehicle is ready for holiday road trips with a ‘Nobel’ Full Service Oil Change for just $24.99* when you bring in 3 non-perishable food items for the Idaho Food Bank. That saves you $12 while extending a helping hand to hungry families in our community. Einstein’s is also collecting monetary donations for the food bank which we are matching dollar for dollar (up to $1,000 per Einstein’s location) to double the impact of every gift! That means that every dollar you donate will feed a hungry child for two days! Donations may be made via cash or any major credit/debit card. Happy Thanksgiving Treasure Valley! Safe travels to all. 

*Discount is equal to $12 off normal price. Price includes up to 5 quarts of standard oil and standard oil filter. 

Preparing For Winter Driving

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 Driving during the cold winter months can have a hazardous effect on commuting motorists and their passengers. Even the most experienced drivers may find the simplest errand a tough feat, especially if their vehicles are not properly prepared for the challenging conditions winter often brings.

Safety and preservation of your vehicle during the winter months should be a top priority.

Start the season off right by winterizing your vehicle before taking to the road. Here are some helpful tips to help you arrive safely to your destination:

* Traction is key: For optimum traction to navigate harsh winter conditions with confidence, consider installing a set of winter tires on your vehicle. Winter tires are typically designed with a specialized rubber compound that maintains its flexibility in cold weather. This helps the tire to adapt to the road surface and dig into snow and ice. Most tire manufacturers recommend that winter tires should be considered when temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Service your vehicle: Be prepared for what Mother Nature throws your way by making sure you have enough antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. For a correct amount of antifreeze to withstand the winter temperatures, a 50/50 mix of antifreeze to water is sufficient. You can go through windshield wiper fluid in one snowstorm, so be sure to completely fill your vehicle’s reservoir before the first snowfall hits. It may be useful to buy extra, but make sure it is high-quality, “no-freeze” fluid.  Einstein’s window washer fluid provides sub zero freeze protection to ensure your fluid never freezes when you need it most! Plus with our extended courtesy you can have all your fluids, including antifreeze and window washer fluid, checked and filled FREE of charge between oil changes. 

* Inflation is essential: Keep in mind that when the temperature drops 10 degrees, the air pressure in your tires decreases by about one or two PSI. Proper tire inflation is essential for vehicle stability, fuel efficiency, optimum steering, grip, wear and load-carrying capabilities. During these winter months, it’s recommended to check your tires’ air pressure at least monthly. Einstein’s will gladly check and fill your tires FREE of charge anytime!

* Practice makes perfect: It’s important to be alert when driving on snow-covered roadways because slush, ice and other hazards make it difficult to change lanes and handle your vehicle. In order to know how your vehicle performs in the winter weather, it may be helpful to practice driving techniques in an empty, open parking lot. Refer to your owner’s manual to fully understand your vehicle’s braking and traction control systems.

* Stock your vehicle: No one wants to break down, especially in cold weather, so keeping a kit with essential items is helpful in case of emergencies. Some essential items to include are blankets, water bottles, a first aid kit, jumper cables, shovel/ ice scraper, road flares, a candle and matches. (BPT)


$12 Oil Change Discounts & Matching Funds For Donations to the Idaho Food Bank

Idaho food bank boise meridian garden city eagle Treasure Valley oil changes Every day one in four children in Idaho is at risk of going hungry. Together we can help secure a hunger free future for these vulnerable little ones! Through Christmas, get $12 off your oil change when you bring in 3 non perishable food items for the Idaho Food Bank. Einstein’s is also collecting cash donations which we will match 100% (up to $1,000 per Einstein’s location)  to double the impact of every gift! This means that every dollar you donate will feed a hungry child in our community for 2 days! Donations may be made via cash or any major credit/debit card.  

Einstein’s Salutes Our American Heroes!

veteran's day boise meridian eagle garden city idaho oil changes To all who have served, sacrificed, and even paid the ultimate price for our freedom we are forever grateful. You are not forgotten. We owe our liberty and our very lives to you! Thank you for keeping American the land of the free and the home of the brave. We pray you feel the gratitude of a grateful nation today! 

Einstein’s Customer Quotables

Hello Crew of Einstein’s Oilery,
You guys have truly impressed me. I called in after being treated rather badly by another company in Boise and your team instantly put me at ease and worked to fix my problem. Your deals are excellent but it is your staff that is truly great. My problem went beyond the bounds of what you could fix in your shop and you gave me a recommendation for who in this area could help me most. You guys steered me in the right direction even though there was no benefit to you to do so. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my friends!
Keep doing great work,
A grateful customer
-Kelsey S. via e-mail-

The 5th Annual Einstein’s Food & Fundraising Drive is Underway!

idaho food bank Einstein's Oilery 5th annual food & fundraising drive boise meridian garden city eagle treasure valley oil changes–The Fifth Annual Einstein’s Food & Fundraising Drive pledges matching funds for  all monetary donations to the Idaho Food Bank and $12 oil change discounts for non-perishable food donations.–

Every day nearly 100,000 children in Idaho (1 in 4) are in jeopardy of going hungry. 
For just $1 the Idaho Food Bank can feed one of these hungry kids for an entire day! In 
an effort to serve these hungry children and their families this holiday season, Einstein’s Oilery is holding its fifth annual holiday food and fundraising drive. Thanks to the generosity of Treasure Valley residents, this event has grown every year bringing in thousands of pounds of food annually. Building on the success of previous drives, this year’s goal is to provide 20,000 pounds of food for needy Idahoans!

 From November 1st through Christmas, receive $12 off a Full Service Oil Change when you bring 3 non-perishable food items for the Idaho Food Bank. Einstein’s will also gladly accept all drop off donations for which we will provide $12 off a future service. Additionally, monetary donations will be collected which Einstein’s will match dollar for dollar (up to $1,000 per Einstein’s location) to double the impact of every gift. This means that every dollar donated will provide nearly 8 pounds of food for the Food Bank! Donations may be made via cash or credit/debit card.

 “Einstein’s Oilery is firmly committed to investing in our neighborhoods and beyond through community outreach, service programs, and poverty relief in the Treasure Valley and around the world. Our annual food and fundraising drive is one way we do this.” -Einstein’s Co-Owner Stephen Taylor-

“We are a homegrown, Idaho company and we owe our success to the people of the Treasure Valley. The least we can do is give back to our community whenever possible.” -Einstein’s Co-Owner Michael Meuret-

Together we can make a difference in our community! Happy holidays from our family to yours!