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Einstein’s Customer Quotables

 “This was the BEST oil change experience. The atmosphere was very friendly and clean. I got to see all the work being done on my car, while staying in my car and reading the local paper and sipping on some complementary Sprite. They washed my window and checked my tire pressure while doing many other things including filling all of the fluids under the hood. When I asked about Wi-Fi, they had that as well. This is the only place I will go to for oil change because of the great and affordable service. It is a steal of a deal for how much work they do, not to mention complementary top-offs within the next oil change date.”

-Evan via Yelp-

Safety Tips For Night Driving


 Your chances of getting into a car accident increase dramatically once the sun sets. In fact, the National Safety Council affirms “traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day.” And certain factors, like age, can make you more susceptible to dangers during nighttime driving as well. 

In all likelihood this knowledge raised your blood pressure a little. Ours certainly went up. But while it’s disconcerting knowing about your increased risks during nighttime driving, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your odds. Here are a few ways to stay safe while driving in darkness.  

Remember Those Reaction Times

 The faster you’re going, the longer it takes to bring your vehicle to a stop. The darkness dulls reaction times too, meaning that an emergency stop can take even longer at night. Get on the road to safety by performing these key steps when driving after hours: keep more distance than usual between you and the car ahead and take care to reduce your speed.

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The above was written 2/13/13 by Allison Lakin of Driverside.com



Treasure Valley Easter Activities & Egg Hunts

easter egg hunt boise meridian garden city eagle Idaho Treasure Valley oil changesEGGstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt – Zoo Boise 

Saturday, March 23 2013 10am – 5pm 
Always a big hit with the kids. What more could you ask for; Lions, Tigers, and Easter Egg Hunts, oh my! Say hello to the Easter Bunny for us and enjoy the 2013 Easter activities at Zoo Boise.

Optimist Club of Meridian – Easter Egg Hunt 

Saturday, March 30th at 11am – Meridian Elementary 
The Optimist Club of Meridian will be hosting their 36th Annual Easter Egg hunt at the Meridian Elementary School. Refreshments will be available to parents and there will be numerous prizes for children. Egg Hunt begins at 11am sharp and is open from toddlers to 10 year olds!

Nampa Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt 

Saturday, March 30th at 9pm – Lakeview Park 
Looking for something a little different to get your older kids engaged in the fun? Check out Nampa’s Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt for ages 13-17!

Easter Bunny Rail 

Saturday, March 30th – 31st at 9pm – Thunder Mountain 
Take your Easter out on the rail with Thunder Mountain! Get your family’s picture taken with Conductor Cottentail, hop the train to the Easter Egg Patch to hunt for eggs and prizes. It’s an experience your kids will love, but get your tickets soon there are only 3 trains making the trip this year!

Help Keep Auto Insurance Premiums Down By Fighting Common Insurance Scams

 funny-car-accident boise meridian garden city eagle Idaho oil changes The last thing anyone wants is for his or her insurance rates to increase. Most policyholders would be surprised to know it’s the last thing their insurance company wants to happen, too. That’s why most major carriers have a department of investigators dedicated to stopping one of the primary causes of rate hikes: insurance fraud. In fact, fraudulent insurance claims are the second most costly white-collar crime in America – to the tune of $40 billion annually.

 “Each year the average U.S. family is hit with $400 to $700 in increased premiums due to phony insurance payouts,” says Dan Bales, national director of special investigations for Mercury Insurance, which established a Special Investigations Unit in 1978 to help fight insurance fraud. “The goal of the SIU is to limit these payments and catch the criminals responsible.-

  “Think of us as the CSI of the insurance industry. We square off against mobsters, organized crime, dirty lawyers and doctors, white-collar con artists and even the occasional celebrity to help keep down costs for our policyholders.”

 Insurance fraud is a game of numbers. Insurance rates are calculated using statistics and mathematics to project risk. So, by lowering the probability for costly insurance scams, insurance companies have financial flexibility to offer customers low rates.

 Making the SIU’s job tougher is the fact that the culprits behind these scams aren’t run-of-the-mill criminals. “Today’s scammers are technologically savvy and have access to sophisticated equipment,” says Bales, who’s been involved in more than 35,000 claims investigations during his 27-year career at Mercury. “They routinely produce, among other things, fake medical records, duplicate checks, and false identifications and business licenses.

  One question Bales hears quite often is, how can consumers help fight fraud? “We have a saying: If you’re not looking for insurance fraud, you won’t find it. So, I always tell people to document suspicious activity and incidents. When it comes to cracking these cases, the devil is in the details.”

 There are several common schemes of which consumers should be aware. Staged auto accidents, adding damage to vehicles after a loss and switching drivers on accident reports are a few of the most prevalent scams.

 Bales says regardless of the insurance provider, when suspicious activity is observed, the witness should alert the SIU and law enforcement by calling 1-800-TEL-NICB or by texting the keyword “fraud” to TIP411.

Here are some of his other tips:

* If you’re involved in an auto accident, always call the police and document unusual circumstances or activities.

* Obtain detailed bills for collision repairs, home/property repairs and medical services.

* Never sign blank insurance claims forms.

* Watch for double-billing or unexplained charges for any service received as part of an insurance claim.

* Always gather as much information as possible at the scene of an accident.

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Treasure Valley Business Of The Month

 Need a reliable painter? O’Connor painting (http://www.oconnorpaintingllc.com/) is professional, courteous, and has very reasonable rates. They also stand behind their work and will always strive to ensure your complete satisfaction. We don’t use anyone else! Using them for all your painting needs is a true stroke of genius!  

Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“Ya know oil changes can be so long and boring but I have to admit going to Einstein’s Oilery made this mundane task FUN!  My service guy, Preston, was so friendly and nice.  The free Newspaper was nice to have and I enjoyed my diet coke.  I felt the prices were reasonable compared to other places and sometimes you can find great coupons online. I highly recommend giving them a try.”

-Hope via Yelp-

Boise Area St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

St Patrick's Day Boise Meridian Garden City Eagle Idaho Treasure Valley oil change These Treasure Valley events will help you celebrate Irish style this weekend. 

St. Baldric’s Fundraiser – Be a volunteer or brave a shave at the 2013 St. Baldric’s Fundraiser, this year being held at BSU Housing, on March 15th at 3pm to help research cures for childhood cancer and help give survivors long, healthy lives. Want to help, but can’t bare to part with your hair? There is an option to donate too!

Boise Highlanders – Check out Boise’s own bagpipes group, the Boise Highlanders, they will spend the day playing all over Boise. To find out where they will be see their itinerary here: Highlanders schedule. And for the truly Irish at heart, check out their site for more information on bagpipe lessons.

Killarney Dancers – Head over to the Capitol Saturday, March 16th, and check out the Killarney Dancers! It’s a great way to get you in the Irish spirit! They will be performing at noon. If you really want to get in the spirit – they also give classes at the Killarney Dance School.

St Patrick’s Day Runs – Strap on your green running shoes because there are 3 races happening this St Patty’s! Shamrock Shuffle at St Chappelle’s winery, St Patty’s Day Fun Run at Julia Davis, and the Kilted 5K at Fort Boise (as part of the Fort Boise Highland Games), all going down March 16th.

Fort Boise Highland Games – To really immerse yourself in the Irish spirit, check out the 3rd Annual Highland Games at Fort Boise on March 16th!

Extended Hours Are Back!

7 o clock  boise meridian garden city eagle Idaho oil changes For your convenience, Einstein’s Oilery is now open till 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday till 5:00 pm.  You also never need an appointment so you can always service your vehicle on your schedule!  Complete hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-7:00 pm, Sunday 10am-5pm. 

Have a Flex Fuel Vehicle? Check Out This Handy App.

flex fuel locator app boise meridian garden city Idaho treasure valley oil change auto maintenance Looking for E85 fuel? There’s now an app for that, as the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), in partnership with the Iowa Corn Growers Association is unveiling a newly updated Flex-Fuel Station Locator application for iPhones, iPads, the iPod touch and all Android devices. The app is free and available for download in both the App Store and Android Marketplace. This app will help users pinpoint any station in the United States that’s offering E85. 

New features of the app, which was first introduced in 2011, include:

  • Flex-Fuel Vehicle (FFV) Identifier — After inputting make, model and year of a vehicle, the  app will alert users if their car is flex-fuel compatible or not, to help avoid drivers putting incorrect fuel in their vehicle.
  • Route Planner — Adds the ability for consumers to enter a starting and end point to determine E85 stations along a certain route.
  • MPG Education — Uses education information from www.fueleconomy.gov and includes other factors of MPG  such as low tire pressure, wind and driver actions.
  • Search — Includes the ability for consumers to enter state, city or zip code to determine E85 stations in the immediate area.
  • Add or Remove — Gives app users the ability to alert the database of new stations, closed stations or other corrections not presently included in the location information used by the app.

“With more than 11 million flex-fuel vehicles in America, we wanted to make it easier, faster and perhaps more educational and fun for drivers to find E85,” said Robert White, RFA director of Market Development. “Americans increasingly demand more fuel choice at the pump. They want alternatives to petroleum, especially foreign petroleum. They want fuels which are domestic, renewable and environment-enhancing. They bought FFVs for a reason and we want to keep fueling the change.”

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a flex-fuel vehicle or are currently driving one, this app will enhance your peace of mind and give you assurance that your investment in flex-fuel technology was not in vain.

The above article was published by Vehicle MD 2/28/13

Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“Was a lot of fun: They are dressed up very formally, it reminded me of the old barbershops you see in movies. They yell out everything they are doing to each other in a fun way. They commented on our oil filter, “Oil filter, LOOKS OLD AND RUSTY!” My wife and I know its an old car, and we have a sense of humor, so we had a good laugh. As long as you aren’t uptight you will have an enjoyable experience apart from every other mechanic or lube place which to me is usually synonymous with fear and a sense of shadiness.

 Great Service: You get to sit in your car and while you wait they have a variety of soft drinks, new papers, and even a kindle for you to use while you wait, free of charge! They have cameras set up so you can watch everything they are doing when you are actually getting serviced, and TV’s set up as well with local channels for you to watch as well. They didn’t push anything on you nearly as much as other places do, just let you know their recommendations and left it at that. Its worth the couple extra dollars you will spend in my opinion.”

-Rick (Google review)-