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The danger (besides running out of gas) of driving your car on empty.

 With ethanol being widely available in fuel pumps everywhere, driving your car on empty may cause engine failure. Ethanol mixed with fuel (standard gas at most stations) can separate–phase separation–and the ethanol, which contains water, will sink to the bottom of the fuel tank. If you keep driving while the tank is almost empty, it could suck the ethanol and water mixture directly into the engine potentially resulting in failure and costly repairs. It the fuel tank is only one-fourth full, it is recommended to fill it up; thus avoiding this problem altogether. 

The above was written by Kara Bishop and was published in the Fall 2012 edition of Vehicle MD.


Einstein’s Customer Quotables

 “This is what every business needs to model.   As soon as I pull up the guy runs out to my car like he is excited to see me.  The service is superior.  The employees look like they enjoy their jobs.  I get a paper or a nook to read, also Starbucks coffee while I wait in my car.”  -Barbara via Yelp-

Help Your Engine Breathe Easy

 For every gallon of gas your car uses, it also needs about 9,000 gallons of air. Since much of the air originates over the dusty, gritty roads on which we most often drive, there would be a potential for dust particles to be sucked into your engine if it weren’t for the engine air filter. 

 Today’s engine air filters, with their high-tech cloth or paper media, typically trap up to 98 percent of particulate matter down to 20 microns in size. (If you pluck a hair from your head and look at it, what you’re seeing is generally 50-70 microns in diameter!). 

 However, just like the air filter in your home furnace, the air filter in your car can eventually become clogged by all the dust it traps, cutting down the flow of air to your engine and robbing it of critical horsepower, thereby decreasing efficiency and fuel economy. It is recommended that the air filter be replaced annually or when clogged, whichever occurs sooner. 

 Einstein’s is happy to inspect your air filter FREE of charge anytime and offers replacements when needed. 


The above article was written by Kara Bishop and was published din the fall 2012 edition of Vehicle MD.


Fuel Saving Tip Of The Week

Consolidate Trips: Not only is it extremely frustrating to have to get back out of the house after a long day of work, it can cost you more in fuel. It’s prudent to make a plan to accomplish all your errands in one trip. If you take several short trips from a cold start you will burn more gas than you will if you do all your errands with one trip while the motor is warm. 



The above was written by Katie Schlosser and was published in the Summer 2012 edition of Vehicle MD.

Random Fact Of The Week

 First produced in 1962, the now familiar LEGO tire is officially the best selling tire on the planet. LEGO produces nearly 400 million of these tiny tires annually making it the world’s #1 tire manufacturer! 


Einstein’s Customer Quotables

 “I got my oil changed this weekend at your Glenwood location and was very impressed. Friendly staff and enjoyed watching the football game from my car during the service.  I could tell your staff knew their stuff and could make competent suggestions about the additional products and services. Congrats on a first class operation.”   -JJ-

Are You Prepared For Winter Driving?

 Harsh winter conditions can have crippling effects for drivers in locations often affected by snowy and icy weather during the cold months. Hauling the kids to hockey practice or even a quick trip to the grocery store could prove to be a difficult task, especially if a vehicle is not ready for challenging conditions that may come with the cold weather.

Just as consumers spend hours winterizing their homes, it is important to winterize your vehicle. Preserving your investment during the colder months of the year should be a top priority.

To make sure your vehicle is prepared for the winter months; here are some simple tips to help you arrive safely to your destination and not end up on the side of the road.

* Traction is key: With hazardous winter weather ahead, now is not the time to ignore your tires. Before inclement weather hits check the condition of your tires and have them replaced if the tread is low. 

* Feel the pressure: As temperatures change, so does tire pressure. Proper tire inflation is essential for increased automotive safety, optimum driving performance and even good fuel mileage. Tires should be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer recommendations printed on a placard on the driver’s side door jamb or in the glove box, and should be checked at least monthly. Improper inflation can lead to premature or irregular tire wear and even reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by an average of 3.3 percent. Einstein’s is happy to check and fill your tires to the appropriate pressure FREE of charge anytime! 

* Take the lead out of your foot:  With temperatures dropping, any precipitation can cause the roadway to become dangerously slick. When approaching intersections, stop signs, turns or any area where you have to decelerate, take your foot off the gas, apply the brakes gently and give yourself a cushion in case of slippery conditions. You can’t get to your destination quickly if your car is off the road.

* A clean vehicle is a safe vehicle: Do not drive without removing snow from the entire vehicle. If snow is left on the hood, it can blow onto the windshield, obstructing your view and if left on the roof or tailgate, snow can fly off the car, especially at high speeds, hitting other cars and causing accidents and swerving. Driving with snow on your car, obstructing your vision, is dangerous.

* Protect your investment: Cars, trucks and SUV’s are likely weathering the harsh conditions and corrosive elements associated with winter, including freezing rain, snow, ice, sand and salt. Keeping vehicles clean will help protect them from the chemicals and dirt that may attack the car’s finish and undercarriage. Be sure to use quality cleaners and waxes specifically designed for handling a car’s finish.

* Keep it flowing: Oil is the lifeblood of the engine, helping to keep it running efficiently and effectively. Not sure what oil to use? Defer to a professional or use the grade of motor oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to achieve optimum engine protection and fuel efficiency. With Einstein’s Extended Courtesy you can have all your fluids checked and filled FREE of charge as often as needed in between oil changes! 

* Keep a kit: Keep a survival kit handy. A flashlight with fresh batteries, a blanket, water bottles, cellphone charger, jumper cables, flares, a “HELP” sign, and a first aid kit will prepare you for emergency situations or unexpected breakdowns.


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Treasure Valley Fall Festivities

 Check out these top Boise area Harvest/Halloween attractions for the whole family (with a few thrown in for the older thrill seeking crowd)  :-).

Linder Farms – The official corn maze of the Boise State Broncos. Activities include barrel train rides, laser tag, a petting zoo,  obstacle course, and the Trail of Terror.

The Farmstead – The Farmstead is the home of Idaho’s original corn maze. Other attractions include a pumpkin patch, a jumping pillow, pig races, cow train, hay rides, and the terrifying Field of Screams.

Scarecrow Stroll 2012 – From October 1st – 31st scarecrows can be found all over the Idaho Botanical Garden. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite scarecrow.

Boo at the Zoo – Every year Zoo Boise hosts Boo at the Zoo, so head to the zoo on October 29th for tons of activities for the kids including pictures in the pumpkin patch, the bat toss, costumed characters handing out candy, face painting, and a costume contest. Of course all the zoo animals will be on hand as well to celebrate the holiday.

Frightened Felons – Enjoy a spooky evening at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. There will be games, food and beverages for purchase, actors dressing up like convicts of old, and more. October 26th is family night, October 27th will be for those those 21 and older.

Haunted World – Haunted World is the Northwest’s largest haunted area with three separate areas, Haunted World, Skullvania, and a corn maze to explore.

The Boise Dead – Zombie Tag– On October 27th, The Boise Dead, which is expected to be one of the largest games of tag ever, will take over Ann Morrison Park. Pick your side; you can come as a “survivor” or arrive early in your zombieware and get madeover as a zombie. Survivors must make it to 10 check points to win, and the zombie who has collected the most “brains” wins. Check out the website for details on how to better prepare for the upcoming zombie apocolypse.


Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“Great service at the Glenwood shop. Professional and courteous. Very pleased. You’re running a fine business.”