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Fuel Saving Tip Of The Week

My grandmother, God bless her, was a two-footed driver her entire life. Her right foot she kept on the gas, her left she kept resting on the brake pedal. If you drive like her, you might not realize that even the smallest bit of pressure on the brake pedal causes the brakes to clamp down. You might not even feel it, but even the tiniest bit of mechanical drag from the brakes can suck your fuel tank dry in a hurry. Plus, it wears out your brakes prematurely, as well, and brake job is equal to a bunch of lattes!

The above was written by Garret McKinnon and was published in the Fall 2011 edition of VEhicle MD 



Einstein’s Customer Quotables

“I had reviewed this business a couple of days ago (a not so good review….) and was immediately contacted by the owner via email.  He lives in Meridian (which I did not realize….I thought they were a bigger corporation, NOT a local, family-owned business)….so we got together for coffee yesterday (and ended up talking for 3 hours).

Bottom line:  This is a local company trying to make it in a VERY tough economy and a very competitive business.  I believe they are really, REALLY trying to do the right thing, be honest and fair with folks and operate their business with integrity.  Plus, the owner is just a heck of a nice guy and the employees there are (as I said before) skilled, nice, courteous, friendly, cute, etc. etc.

I realize having a small business is a “work in progress” and THIS company definitely listens to it’s customers (and values them).  Give them a try if you haven’t already…. and know that you are dealing with a small Idaho business that is trying to make it against some cut-throat competition (my family was in this business when I was growing up). They will work hard to make sure your experience at Einsteins Oilery is a great one and you will not be disappointed.”

-Amy via Yelp-

Einstein’s Wisdom Of The Week

“It gives me great pleasure indeed to see the stubbornness of an incorrigible nonconformist warmly acclaimed.”

-Albert Einstein-

Fleet Programs

Einstein’s welcomes all major fleet cards and programs (Wright Express, Voyager, PHH, GE Capital, Enterprise, ARI, Leaseplan, Emkay, etc.). No appointments are ever needed for service. Plus enjoy a FREE newspaper, beverage, and Wi-Fi while you relax in your car and watch your service performed live on TV!

Fuel Saving Tip Of The Week

According to the Car Care Council, loose, missing or damaged gas caps cause 147 million gallons of gasoline to evaporate into the air each year. Keep your fuel from vanishing by checking your gas cap at every fill up to make sure it’s tight and in good condition.


2nd Annual Meridian Community Block Party

When: Saturday, September 17th from 10am-5pm at Settler’s Park (Corner of Meridian & Ustick Roads) ALL FOOD AND ACTIVITIES ARE FREE!!

After an extremely successful event in 2010, the Meridian Community Block Party is back in 2011. The 2nd Annual Block Party will offer FREE fun for the whole family and will be a great way to send summer out on a high note. Live bands will entertain the crowds throughout the event and FREE food will be available for everyone from Cheerleaders Sports Bar and Qdoba. Also on hand will be inflatables, a climbing wall, Nerf games, video games, giant hamster balls, the Rock Around the Block Kids Fun Run hosted by Meridian’s Promise, flag football skills competitions and drills hosted by Meridian PAL,  and much more! This is certainly going to be an event worth checking out and its all FREE! Have a great weekend Treasure Valley and go Broncos!

Shine On, You Crazy Headlight

We may not think about our headlights during the summer, with its long days and bright sun, but as the days draw shorter it’s time to take a good look at your headlights and ask the big question–are they keeping you as safe as they should?

You may think that as long as your headlights are in working order that you’re in good shape, but that’s only partially true. Sure, working headlights are preferable to the alternative, but riddle me this, dear reader: Are your headlights bright enough? You probably don’t know the answer, and that’s okay. Allow me to enlighten you with these headlight safety tips–and yes, I’m afraid this article is probably going to be full of light-related puns like this. Just bear with me, and the heart of the matter will outshine them.

Check Your Lenses: The first thing you should do when checking your headlights is look at the lenses. Are they crystal clear, or do you see some fogginess and yellowing? Headlight lenses naturally become cloudy over time and diffuse the beams of your headlights–this impairs your visibility, and makes it harder to see you, too! In this case, a headlight lens restoration kit (available at most auto parts stores) will do you a whole lot of good.

Check For Brightness: Even though both your headlights may be in working order,  you may be due for a replacement pair nonetheless. Headlights naturally dim over time, and there’s an easy way to check for this. Park on a level surface five feet from a building wall or your garage door, and turn your headlights on. The pools of light from your headlights should be a nice bright white–if they seem yellow or dim, it’s time to yank those bulbs and replace them.

Check for Focus: While you’re shining your lights at the wall, make sure they’re aimed well–they should be hitting the same height on the wall, and when you’re driving, you should be able to stop inside the illuminated area. If they’re aimed too low or too high, you’re creating a blind spot and hindering other drivers’ ability to see you. If you’ve hit a couple of potholes your headlights could need to be aligned a little–ask your technician to help.

Don’t Forget The Other Lights: The headlights aren’t the only lamps on your car that need to be in proper working order. Check out those taillights, brake lights, turn signals, running lights, and any other points of illumination on your vehicle to make sure everything’s nice and bright.

Always Replace Lights In Pairs: Most lights on the exterior of your vehicle come in pairs, and they should be replaced in pairs too. If one headlight dies and you replace only that one, you’re going to have one bright headlight and one that’s dimmer–avoid this trouble and replace both lamps every time. This will ensure even illumination while you’re on the road.

In closing I want to add one thing: even during the day, if there’s any doubt as to whether you should have your headlights on, turn them on. Remember, they’re not only there to help you see-they’re also there to help other drivers see you! Drive safely out there and may all your road trips be bright.

Einstein’s will gladly inspect all your lights FREE of charge any time and offers replacements when needed.  Light inspection is also part of every ‘Nobel’ Full Service Oil Change.

The above was written by Kaeli Gardner of askpatty.com and was published in the Fall 2011 edition of Vehicle MD.



Fuel Saving Tip Of The Week

It’s perhaps the easiest way to improve your car’s fuel economy, but also the most often overlooked: keeping you tires properly inflated. According to DOT studies, properly inflated tires can boost your gas mileage by up to 3.3%. Not only that, but proper inflation also enhances safety and extends the life of your tires.

Einstein’s will gladly check and fill your tires FREE of charge anytime to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tires and your gas!

Art In The Park 2011

Celebrating it’s 57th year, Art in the Park 2011, will be held at the beautiful Julia Davis Park in Boise from September 9th – 11th.  This fantastic annual event is presented by the Boise Art Museum and welcomes visitors of all ages to meet more than 200 artists (including many from Idaho) and purchase art pieces. Enjoy a variety of local food and drinks along with live music and entertainment plus an art tent for the kiddos! Hours are Friday & Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. For complete details visit: www.boiseartmuseum.org/events

Fuel Saving Tip Of The Week

Take it Easy

It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating that the more aggressively you drive, the more gas you’ll use. It’s that simple. Ease up on the jackrabbit starts and coast into stoplights instead of jamming on the brakes. Aggressive driving, according to the U. S Department of Transportation can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. (An independent study by Edmunds.com found that driving in a “moderate” fashion can improve a driver’s mileage by a combined 31 percent!)

The above was written by Garrett McKinnon and was published in the Fall 2011 edition of Vehicle MD.